Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington

On-line Holiday Bazaar


Our Holiday Bazaar has always served two roles. First, we raise money to support the operation of our church and second, our individual task forces raise money to support their projects.

Supporting the Church

Sales from these items support the operations of the church


Cookie Cruise

The Cookie Cruise: Cookies by the Pound

Cookie Cruise Catalog


The Gourmet Galaxy: Homemade tasty treats.

Gourmet Galaxy Catalog


Quality Reusables: The best of our annual white elephant sale.

Quality Reusables Catalog

Baking Instructions

Our bakers work in their home kitchens and have been given these instructions:

  • Always have impeccably clean hands and dishes.  
  • No masks needed while preparing food for baking.  
  • After baking, while handling and packaging food, wear a mask.  
  • Gloves are encouraged when food is cool enough to allow this.  
  • Hand decorating of baked goods should be done while wearing a mask and gloves.

Supporting Individual Task Forces

Sales from some items support individual task forces

Habitat For Humanity Task Force: Proceeds for this task force support Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, which uses volunteers to build safe and affordable housing for local families, who work with builders and buy their homes with interest-free loans. 

Habitat for Humanity Catalog

Feed Our Hungry Neighbors Task Force: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our items goes toward fighting hunger in Monroe County through our College Square Pantry and other organizations that deal with the issue of hunger in our community. Click here to see hand knit, crocheted and other items for sale.

Feed Our Hungry Neighbors Catalog

International Outreach Task Force: Many items were made by Kenyans and purchased at Nairobi markets.  Some items were fabricated by volunteers from materials purchased in these markets.   Proceeds go to support a Nairobi school, with some 500 AIDS orphans enrolled, for food, clothes, and educational supplies; and a women’s cooperative assisting women to be self sufficient.   Click here to see items for sale. 

International Outreach Catalog